Maintenance Services

We make sure that everyone can access services without thinking twice

◆ Hardware management

We offer inspections of incoming shipments as well as maintenance inspections, using the skills and know-how we have accumulated through the operation of VOD, set-top boxes and network devices devices.

Signage/IP-PBX wireless IP phone/VOD servers/set-top boxes/other IoT devices

◆ Resident on-site IT support center

We operate resident support centers which allow the operation of security cameras in accomodation facilities and similar highly public environements. We provide an immediate response to troubles with guest room equipment and network problems as well as round-the-clock immediate responses to guest emergencies.

Apart from troubleshooting devices, we also offer facility expansion and network set-up at events, take orders for equipment and we can also work as on-site staff as a link between client and venue.

◆ Call centres

We offer remote support for hardware problems or replay problems with VOD, digital signage etc., as well as solving network problems with apartment internet or similar devices.

Using our expertise with hardware maintenance and network set-up, we can offer smooth solutions to your problems.